Knowing Part 2



Drawing By Richard Feynman


Why is knowing important?

Knowing some fact or metric can enable a change be it training or the performace of a product.

Also knowing a sensation and becoming aware gives you non-verbal esoteric knowledge.

To enable change we need to know where we are.

The more you know the more you realise what you don’t know, and the more you see the interconnectedness of everything.

Taking it as read that everything is linked, thats just data/noise, what is useful is to make connections of past experience/knowledge and applying it to new things in new ways.

Polymaths use this and the partitioning of education into science and arts and giving one more importance over the other is short sighted to say the least. How do people for example impart scientific data? purely through numbers or words or do we use graphics? there is a link with science and art right there, and who says that if science and art were interwined to varying degrees that new methods of displaying information could not further the cause?

One of the best know examples of this was Leonardo Da Vinci, amongst his many undertakings he worked out how the heart valves closed hundreds of years before modern scientists did. Of course he did not specialise as modern man does but that is to the detriment of modern man. Leonardo noticed what was always there but needed to be seen, he looked around him noticed nature and then pondered.

Finally, the image at the top of this post brings us back to the previous “Knowing” post, Richard Feynman a scientist by training started drawing in earnest at the age of 44, he had art lessons from an artist friend and in return he gave science lessons. Feynman displayed some of his scientific ideas through diagrams as shown below:

Feynman Diagram


If you are not open and aware then what will you miss?



The Art of Ofey

Feynman Diagram

Feynman Diagram Video

Leonardo da Vinci and the Sinuses of Valsalva

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