The state we are in.

The state you are in, be it pain or body composition is just a manifestation of the current state of your system.

Let us look at the two maladies that affect the modern human separately to explain further:

– Pain
This affects many of us and in the midst of a painful episode we think of this as a permanent state, how will we ever be out of pain and not recalling a time when we were not in pain. Here are two points to think on, the first is that pain is an output from the brain and the second is that pain is recreated every moment.

– Body Composition
This basically what people refer to in layman’s terms of being too fat or too skinny or not enough whatever. The body as a we see it is merely a manifestation of the system, if we are sick, stressed, consuming too much or too little of certain foodstuffs. The body isn’t a fixed form, everything changes cells, bones remodel, skin renews, hair grows. In fact thats a good point, in much the same way you can change your hairstyle and have to wait for it to grow for some styles we have to wait for the our body to change to new inputs be they food, movement (loaded or otherwise).

So do not look at yourself and think ‘I am fat’ instead see your body for what it is, you have an excess of calories and your body is storing it. Remedy is to alter consumption and maybe alter your movement.

With pain, look to these facts have you an injury, illness or what is covered by the term  red flag if not and have been cleared for movement then is the pain an old pattern being held onto such as a limp which aided you getting around but the injury has long since healed and now the limp is causing issues on the non injured leg.

So composition of ones body can be changed and pain can be often reduced or stopped it is a case of seeing us for what we are, we are systems not statues set in stone. Are poor eating habits and levels of movement unchanging and are old ways of using ourself keeping us in a painful state, in other words how is your nervous system holding you?

The strongman and the small bird – Books & Covers

I have been thinking about books and their covers and the judging that may occur.

Assumptions based on structure and appearance are probably best avoided, why? because structure does not always determine function, be that a book cover, a person or animal.

In my past I have had the following statement delivered to me in a hushed tone “…you have premature degeneration of the spine..” if i had believed what the medical imaging said it may have become a self fulfilling phrophecy, however i sought better ways to use myself, the result was then having no pain for the following 10 to 15 years since. Heres the thing I had pain and was scanned and the structure was seen to be worn and that was deemed to be the cause. In due time I changed the way i functioned the pain disappeared never to reappear despite no change in structure and able to lift heavy weights and paddle kayaks.

In a similar vein people see small people and do not expect them to be strong and see big people and not expect them to be sensitive. The linking of traits to the size of the animal is flawed to say the least.

Regardless of the size of the mammal they have innervation and feedback. Those mammals do not feel big or small to their brains, their nervous systems just sense and don’t judge their own size.

These cultural expectations of size to sensitivity can then lead to those who are big or small to act out and accept these roles.

A case that bucks this trend is that of Geoff Capes, listed below are some of his achievements:

1. Worlds strongest man twice.
2. Highland games world champion six times.
3. Commonwealth Games Shot put Gold medalist twice.
4. Deadlift-454.5kg (18”deficit) Squat-380kg Bench-300kg
5. Height 1.97m Weight 150kg (competing weight)

Now all the personal statistics be they height or weight match with the sporting performance and choice of activities.

Now heres the thing, I recall the press shock when they discovered his hobby, it always came up on chat shows and in interviews. The hobby in question was the breeding of Budgerigars at which he had some success also.

Geoff Capes

Thinking on it what did the journalists think would prevent him from handling small birds, did they think he could only apply massive forces through his hands and that delicate touch is the preserve of the smaller human?

So think on that.

“Size matters not, look at me” – Yoda