I write* here sometimes, so you can see my brain

The posts here will be concise or simple, be it a few words or an image. The blog name thinkingmoving is a mash up like bodymind (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodymind). Thinkingmoving is a kind of portmanteau if you will but not quite, as a portmanteau you only take a part of each word. Thinkingmoving is two words brought together to to remove a dualism. The dualism in this case is that thinking and moving can happen without one another, and in fact they are not separate.

The posts will be often be short, to contemplate on and not to convince or coerce on variety of subjects not restricted to:

  • Movement
  • Paddling (canoe/kayak)
  • Work
  • Freedom
  • Comment
  • Fitness & Health
  • Art, images & the made world, by my hand or others
  • Looking at & thinking about the status quo

The above may have appeared elsewhere, so it will be a collation of many types.

*Could apply to images also.

Homunculus orange cropped

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