Pathways – Habits

"PurkinjeCell". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -
“PurkinjeCell”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

The more a motor pattern is undertaken, the more well trodden the pathway becomes.

The less a pathway is used the more it becomes overgrown.

You will have developed both helpful and unhelpful habits which have both laid down pathways. Maybe the unhelpful habits are remnants of a once useful habit.

Take for example an injured ankle, this will invoke a limp. Long after the injury has healed the limp may remain with the resultant tightening at the waist and the extra load on the other leg. Long after the initial injury has healed the compensatory patterns may cause other issues, the passage of time will hide the original cause.

People sense the pain but not the movement pattern causing it.


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Life. Content. Friends.

dunbar number

Is your life the content you are sharing with the world?

Can ‘life’ be it family moments or achievements be of any use to others outside of your close network?

The answer is maybe, its all to do with context and of thought and not merely self publicising and ‘selfies’. If the life content has a point or is the germ for an observation about said life I can see benefit. Would it not just be better to get on with the task and not bother telling everyone?

The world of social media exposes ourselves to networks we cannot comprehend, I will refer you to the links relating to Dunbars Number in the further reading, but basically it can be described as below:

“Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.”

Ask yourselves who are these people you are showing off or showing your life to? If you don’t know them why would you bother.

Writers, artists, filmmakers use their own life as material but its used as a comment or the aforementioned germ to spawn a line of thought.

data vs information


Writers/artists commentators take some raw material and make something of it, there is data and there is information. Data is raw and unprocessed and when processed it becomes information. In the same way that Bauxite is aluminium in its ore/natural state, it needs to be processed to become of use. Just showing the world family shots only is of use to family or when it has a context for others to identify.

  • You can’t see everything or know everyone.
  • Small is beautiful <150.
  • Social media or social commentary.
  • Social media is rarely social.

Social media is normally anything but social, it is merely hiding in plain site. The illusion of society but actually a distraction from the place you are and the people you are physically with. Look up from the screen and be social without the media.

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Three words.

Whirlpool Galaxy M51 & Companion Galaxy [hs-2005-12-a-large_web]

Grace comes down to three words:

“Things moving freely”

Those three words are exhibited in the cosmos and are the way of graceful animal movement.

In the case of animal movement what is preventing graceful movement? Structural issues aside let us focus our gaze on the nervous system.

Ask yourself this question with experience and not words:

How is your nervous system holding you?

When lying down on a firm surface yield to it and see how you are lying are you holding yourself even when the unyielding surface can support you?


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Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Thats what we are, nothing comes from nothing, we all build on the work of others sometimes because of their work and sometimes in spite of it.

The modern world has so much information available but people take very little time to let it percolate and stew, instead they publish quickly and get feedback quickly.

This easy accumulation of information does not allow time for it to become knowledge, for them to ‘know’ it.

Our ancestors had less information available but more time to think.

Don’t flit like a bird, be calm, ruminate and know.


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Although originally published in relation to kayaking/canoeing this post is applicable to learning in a general sense.


Continuing the theme of self-awareness/sensitivity to improve technique let us look at the use of a witness.

A witness is good for safety, reassurance and feedback.

Over time reassurance is less important as the paddler becomes more confident, safety is a personal thing.

Unless the paddler is calm and using the minimum required effort then they will not develop self-awareness and sensitivity to be able to take comments on board and change their technique or in time become self-aware.

A lot of paddlers listen to the comments but then apply the same amount force, take the same line or use the same strokes this makes the witness of little use. #WorkInProgress

witness - 1st person - 3rd person


The sensory motor homunculus resizes the body parts of the human being according to the amount of cortical representation it has. The hands, lips are larger and the torso is small as the amount of brain processing power devoted to that body part is less.

Motor somato

  • Trauma aside, be it accident or surgery, where is your pain?
  • Is the pain in the enlarged “smart” regions or the small “stupid” parts?
  • Is society plagued by hand and lip pain or by back, hip & knee pain?