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dunbar number

Is your life the content you are sharing with the world?

Can ‘life’ be it family moments or achievements be of any use to others outside of your close network?

The answer is maybe, its all to do with context and of thought and not merely self publicising and ‘selfies’. If the life content has a point or is the germ for an observation about said life I can see benefit. Would it not just be better to get on with the task and not bother telling everyone?

The world of social media exposes ourselves to networks we cannot comprehend, I will refer you to the links relating to Dunbars Number in the further reading, but basically it can be described as below:

“Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.”

Ask yourselves who are these people you are showing off or showing your life to? If you don’t know them why would you bother.

Writers, artists, filmmakers use their own life as material but its used as a comment or the aforementioned germ to spawn a line of thought.

data vs information


Writers/artists commentators take some raw material and make something of it, there is data and there is information. Data is raw and unprocessed and when processed it becomes information. In the same way that Bauxite is aluminium in its ore/natural state, it needs to be processed to become of use. Just showing the world family shots only is of use to family or when it has a context for others to identify.

  • You can’t see everything or know everyone.
  • Small is beautiful <150.
  • Social media or social commentary.
  • Social media is rarely social.

Social media is normally anything but social, it is merely hiding in plain site. The illusion of society but actually a distraction from the place you are and the people you are physically with. Look up from the screen and be social without the media.

Further Reading:’s_number

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