I have been thinking on priorities.

The title of this post is the order that a lot of persons prioritise their lives. With credit available and more stuff in general we can get distracted by the easy. By easy I mean that obtaining stuff is easy compared to the really important things such as changing ourselves and our reactions to things.

A diagram may explain this a little clearer.





Improve ones mind/outlook and the choices you make will result in an improved diet/life/training. Dealings with others and our reactions to stimuli will also benefit.

Its not a case of thinking more and making up negative stories/being judgmental but reflection and noticing. Noticing is the sign of a deliberate life, but yet we can fall into the trap of buying a book or running shoes (see diagram ‘stuff’) and not using them which in turn means we may beat ourselves up over not using said items. A remedy is to align thoughts and actions.

Think and do aligned, or say what you mean and mean what you say.


Chimp Paradox


Counselling directory





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