Happiness looks like - CJL

“I always wanted to be happy, so I decided I would be” – Neil Baldwin.

Been thinking on happiness, in fact any emotion be it sadness or fear. How to deal with it and can it we create it?

Chanced upon a drama this week that summed up happiness and also sadness, it was about a gentleman called Neil Baldwin. What Neil Baldwin does is have ideas and action them. The majority of us think of an idea and overcome by inertia do not carry them out. This lack of action often then becomes anxiety as our thoughts and lives/choices are dissonant.

Sadness will appear in ones life, for example something happening to a loved one. That sad event needs to be just accepted its a natural reaction, unhappiness maybe down to choices we make or don’t make.

How can we live a happier life? Think about the following two points:

  1. Not comparing ones life to others, this leads to a prescribed life and can let oneself be open to unhappiness. Instead what about plotting ones own course and then their is no-one to compare to.
  2. Have ideas then try them out, say what you are thinking if it is not unkind, if it is unkind think about why it is so.

Be a creator not a consumer.


If you can watch the programme “Marvellous” <BBC> then do so, if not read the reviews to get a taste of what it was about.


Marvellous – Review

Marvellous – Review

Toby Jones Interview

Camus on happiness

Cognitive dissonance



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